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Application of HACCP in food companies

Dar Al-Khalaf Institute for private  Training in collaboration with the Abdul Aziz Hamad Al-Saqr Center, Kuwait Chamber of Commerce and Industry,  , held the training program (HACCP implementation in food companies) from 15 to 18 June 2014.

Dr. Sultan Ahmed Al Khalaf has been teaching this course for his great experience in the field of health and food safety. The Dar Al Khalaf Institute for Private Training is one of the leading institutes in training in health and food safety. It is the first Kuwaiti institute specialized in training workers in agriculture, Animal welfare and occupational safety and health.

Dr. Sultan Ahmed Al-Khalaf opened the training program, giving a speech in which he presented the program and its contents and its importance. He urged the trainees to benefit from the training program, which will have a great impact on their practical lives and improve their work performance.

Dr. Sultan inaugurates the training program


The training program covered several important points including:

  • History of the HACCP system
  • What is HACCP?
  • Factors that led to the need to apply HACCP in food
  • Benefits of HACCP implementation for companies and governments
  • Should HACCP be mandatory?
  • Areas of use of HACCP
  • How does HACCP work?
  • Initial programs (indirect risks to food)
  • HACCP Plan (Direct Risks to Food)
  • HACCP system method
  • Definition of system terminology
  • Quality systems and total quality management system.
  • Establishing the HACCP
  • The seven principles of the HACCP system
  • The Seven Essentials of HACCPAs for the importance of the session, the major food companies were keen to participate in the course by sending their employees concerned with the application of quality systems and food safety to attend the session and benefit from them.

The number of participants in the course was 16 participants representing the following companies:

  •    KDD
  •     Easy food.
  •     Sidawi Laboratories
  •     Boubyan Fish
  •     First Takaful Insurance

The Institute is always keen to organize a field visit on the subject of the training course to explain the practical field of great importance, and the trainees to learn what they have learned and have knowledge of how to apply in practice so the trainees and under the supervision of Dr. / Sultan Khalaf, the field visit to the factory Arab Refreshments Co. Ltd., Food Safety Management System 2005: ISO22000
As a comprehensive system of food safety and the HACCP system is an important part of it.

Explaininig the practical steps of the HACCP system

during the field visit

Written Examination

At the end of the course, a written examination was held to determine the extent to which the trainees benefited and collected during the course

Certificates Distribution  

And then handing over the certificates to the trainees who expressed their happiness to participate in the training program through which they acquired information and experiences that will benefit them in their field


Certificate of appreciation for Dar Alkhalaf

A certificate of appreciation and appreciation from the Kuwait Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Scientific Progress Foundation to Dr. Sultan Ahmed Al Khalaf for his efforts in providing the training program:

A group photo of trainees participating in the course

A group photo of trainees participating in the course mediated by Dr. Sultan: