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Biosecurity in poultry farms

Biosecurity training program in poultry farms

Dar Al-Khalaf Training Institute in cooperation with Abdul Aziz Hamad Al-Saqer Center for  Development -Kuwait Chamber of Commerce and Industry held the training program (Biosecurity in poultry farms) during the period from 29-30 April 2015

Dr. Sultan Ahmed Al-Khalaf, Director of the Institute explained about the poultry sector in the State of Kuwait where there are 19 companies in the State of Kuwait and a farm for poultry distributed as follows:

  •     The number of (7) farms engaged in the production of broiler chickens
  •     The number of (9) farms working in the production of table eggs
  •     Number (1) Dual production farm (white – meat).
  •     (2) Dual production farm (white – meat – mothers).

The quantities of poultry meat in the fiscal year 2014-2015 are expected to reach 48,700 tons. This is in the case of the operation of the broiler hatching vouchers in Bafra within the food security projects by 100% 32000 m 2) Each farm provides (650000) chickens annually, and this statistic will reach self-sufficiency of broiler chickens to (37%).

The training program was concluded with a lecture by one of the experts in the research of poultry diseases and immunizations from the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, where he spoke about the types of vaccines and immunizations used in the prevention and control of poultry diseases and the use of the biosecurity method to preserve domestic wealth in Kuwait.

At the end of the training program, Dr. Sultan Al-Khalaf welcomed the participants and discussed in them the benefits of this training program and the observations they have found. A questionnaire was distributed indicating the extent to which the students benefited from the training program and the strengths and weaknesses to be considered in the next training programs. Certificates of passing the training program were distributed to the students.