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Training program for trading, transportation and storage of chemicals

Objective of the program:

– Educating workers about the importance and how to behave optimally in the trading of chemicals in the work environment.
– This program provides workers with knowledge and information necessary in the field of trading hazardous chemicals.

After passing the program, participants are aware of:

  • Safe handling and classification of hazardous materials.
  •    Identification and control of hazardous materials.
  •  Know the sequence of methods of identification and control of hazardous materials.
  •  Identify personal protective tasks.
  •  Know the complete specification model and MSDS properties.

For whom this program

  • Managers and supervisors of safety systems.
  •  Safety Systems Engineers.
  • All workers in the field of production – construction – operations – maintenance.
  • Laboratory Technicians.
  •  Working in chemical shops.

Duration: 3 days

Practical explanation

Distribution of certificates of the course