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Inspection of Fish validity for Human Consumption

As a part of  Dar Al-Khalaf Institute  activities related to food control and food safety, Dar Al-Khalaf Institute for Priavate Training held the training course “Inspection of Fish validity for Human Consumption”, which was attended by a number of Ministry of Commerce and Industry employees working in the Department of Commercial Control during the period from 20 to 24 October 2013 .

During the course , practical emphasis was given to the trainees in their work and carrying out the tasks assigned to them in the best way. On the second day of the course (Monday, 21/10/2013), practical training was conducted, fresh fish, On fresh and corrupt fish as well as fraud operations in the markets. On Wednesday, I explained my work in the market of East M to identify fresh fish, non-fresh and corrupt and fraud

On the fourth day of the training course, field training was conducted in Souk Sharq, where trainees learned about the fish displayed in the market and the distinction between similar fish and their dispersion, as well as the tricks and methods used by some traders to deceive customers.

   In one of the other practical exercises inside the hall, Dr. Sultan Ahmed Al-Khalaf conducted a simple test for the trainees, through a practical explanation of the fish species in the local market and the difference between the different sources of these fish and how to identify whether they are imported or not?

Fish Name Contest:

On the last day of the training course, 47 fish were displayed in the local market and the trainees were asked to write the names of the fish presented. Three cups were distributed to the trainees who were in the first three positions.

At the end of the training course, Dr. Sultan Ahmed Al-Khalaf, Director General of the Dar Al-Khalaf Institute for National Training and Dr. Abdullah Al-Nahdi, handed over certificates of completion to the trainees who expressed their happiness in attending this training program.