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Training Course (Food Additives)

In cooperation with Kuwait Municipality, the Dar Al-Khalaf  Institute For Private Training   held a training course ( food additives) at Moevenpick Hotel Al Bida from December 14-18, 2014, which was attended by a number of Kuwait Municipality employees.


Opening of the course:


Dr. Sultan, Director General of the Institute, welcomed the trainees and introduced them to the importance of the course. The meeting included the presentation of Dr. Sultan Al-Khalaf to a lecture on food additives and their penetration into the food we eat in our daily lives, especially colorings and flavorings in sweets and drinks. This session and urged them to have a good view of everything that is new in this area.


an introduction :


Food additives have been and continue to be the subject of constant debate between academia, research, legislative, regulatory, executive and food industries.


Substitutes are of great importance, as well as pose a serious risk to the health and safety of food because of the health problems and problems.


The danger of food additives lies in:

  • The large numbers of these materials, which may exceed thousands.

  •   As well as growing doubts about its relationship to diseases, especially cancer and allergies

  •     As well as the inability of regulators to follow their uses and rates of presence in the vast amount of food and agricultural products.

  •   The dependence of the food industry on food additives in many applications is also difficult to dispense with. Without it, there will not be many existing food industries.

    Course Objectives:

  •  To identify the most important food additives and preservatives used in the manufacture and preservation of food, and will be the focus of this course on the theoretical and practical aspects.

  •   The importance of the course is due to the increasing use of additives in many food products in the market, and it is necessary to raise the technical and technical capabilities to detect and control the quality of these additives and their concentration in accordance with international standards.

  • The courses will cover the following topics:

  •   Additives – definition and overview.

  •     Sections and classification of food additives.

  •  Label Food Additives.

  •     Uses of food additives and potential risks.

  •     Food aggregates for which additives may be added, and concentrations permitted to be added from that substance.
    Assessment of safety and safety of food additives.

  •     Innovations in the field of additives


    Target groups :

  •    Food inspectors.

  •      Food control staff.

  •     Food industry workers.

  •     Who are interested in food safety.

  •      Food inspection staff imported

  •     All related to their work in the field of food and public health


    A field visit :


    The trainees visited the Sultan Bin Salmiya Center, one of the largest food trade chains of all kinds in Kuwait. They were briefed on how to read the contents of food packages and the meaning of each symbol of food additives.
    At the end of the training course, Dr. Sultan Al-Khalaf, Director General of the Institute, distributed the certificates to the trainees wishing them success and success. This course will be a new building block in building their professional future and pushing forward towards increasing all that is new in their field of specialization.