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Small Projects

As  for the  role of the Dar Al-Khalaf Training Institute in supporting the small projects by establishing a solid base on which the initiators of youth and others are based. This is the training process which is an important base in the establishment of this segment of the initiators through providing comprehensive knowledge and comprehensive knowledge. And knowledge that helps them to make their way and reduce the risks that may hinder their success in their future projects.

The Institute held the “Market Research for Small Enterprises” course from 21 April to 25 April 2013 in cooperation with the Arab Business Management Association and the Kuwait Small Enterprise Development Company

1 – Program Objectives:

 This integrated program aims at providing participants with the most basic knowledge related to the effective management of small projects, developing their skills to carry out the associated work efficiently and positively changing their attitudes towards the requirements of the business as required by the Kuwaiti environment.

 The training program is directed to:

  •  Who wish to establish, manage and own small projects.

  • Graduates and new graduates.

  •  Unemployed labor.

  • Small entrepreneurs existing.

  • Who have ideas and youth initiatives.

  • Artisans who wish to start an activity or expand their existing activities.

Inside the lecture hall

Distribution of certificates