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The training program requirements for safety on winches and cranes

Objective of the program:

Construction  require specialized equipment to lift construction materials and move workers to the top and bottom of the work sites. Employees may be exposed to the risk of falling or falling materials transported through this equipment. This program explains the safety procedures to be followed for those working in this field.

After passing the program, the participant will recognize:

  • Lifting equipment
  •    Winch Safe
  •  Playlist before inspection
  •   Secure download and download
  • Safety measures in fuel supply
  •   Written Status Report
  • Operator Performance Test
  • Repeat trainingMobile cranes:
  •   Cranes: (Industrial Cranes – Construction Cranes)
  •     Loading procedures
  •   Tools and loading equipment
  •  Manual steering signals
  •   Risk control
  •  (Inspection and training – power transmission links, stomach breakdown and winches equilibrium)
  •  (Five steps to prepare for safe lifting)
    For this program:
  • Construction workers and areas requiring the use of cranes and cranes.
  • Supervisors of workers.
  • Maintenance personnel for cranes and cranes.

Practical explanation

Theoretical explanation

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