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Biosecurity in dairy cattle farms

 Dar Al-Khalaf Institute for Private Training in cooperation with Kuwait Fresh Foods Producers Union, Kuwait Institute for the Advancement of Sciences and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Abdul Aziz Al-Saqr Center) held the Training Course (Biosecurity in Dairy Farms) at Movenpick Hotel, 31 December 2014, which was attended by a number of officials of dairy farms in Kuwait.

Opening of the course:

Dr. Sultan Al-Khalaf, Director General of the Institute, started the training course by giving the trainees a general idea about biosecurity and its importance and a course in preserving livestock and protecting the farms from diseases and epidemics that may destroy the herd and expose the farmers and the national economy to heavy losses.

Definition of Biosecurity:

Specific set of actions or measures taken to protect public health, animal health, plants and the environment to reduce the entry and spread of pathogenic agents or pests.

What is the importance of biosecurity:

The importance of biosecurity is that it is the key to controlling and preventing the spread of diseases, especially infectious diseases, which constitute large economic losses in order to obtain good economic results

What are the results of applying Biosecurity:

1. Reduce or mitigate diseases that are foreign and pose a threat to humanity

2 – reduce and mitigate the results of some diseases that cause great economic and material losses to farms such as foot-and-mouth disease and rinderpest

What are the objectives of maintaining vital security in the farm?

  • Minimize infection and spread of diseases in cattle herds
    Mitigation of dairy pollution.
  • Protection of dairy workers and consumers of its products.
  • The training course included a presentation of visual materials that show the trainees the effectiveness of applying biosecurity in farms around the world and looking forward to applying this mechanism in their farms by taking advantage of the international experiences in this field which were discussed during this course.
  • The participants reacted and showed great interest and asked many questions which were answered in depth with the introduction of the best and similar experiments.

A field visit :

The Dar Al-Khalaf Institute for National Training organized a field visit for the trainees to a plantation in Al-Sulaibia to explain the issue of biosecurity in practical terms.

Inside The Lectures Hall

Field visit to a farm in Salibiya

Distribution of certificates