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About Us

The Institute is the first Kuwaiti institute specialized in agricultural sciences and the institute accredited by the General Authority for Applied Education and Training and the Civil Service Bureau. The Institute provides technical support services in the fields of human development and assistance in the establishment of general and specialized courses for companies and institutions to raise the efficiency of its employees, Services and consulting in the areas of management development and improvement of performance efficiency.
Through the Institute we have held many training courses for many government agencies and private companies inside and outside Kuwait, and is part of the list of our clients who benefited from our services in the field of training:

  • Ministry of Interior
  • Kuwait Municipality.
  • Ministry of Commerce and Industry.
  •  Kuwait Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
  • Kuwait Small Enterprise Development Company.
  • Kuwait Flour Mills & Bakeries Company.
  • Delmon Poultry Company (Bahrain).
  • In addition to many other major companies, food factories, dairy farms, poultry and fish.