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Basement Fires

Dar Al Khalaf Institute for Private Training ( DKIPT ) has delivered the training course ( Basement Fires ), which was held in cooperation with  International Safety Training College (ISTC) for Kuwait Fire Service Directorate (KFSD) . The training was delivered for two groups of officers from 12 – 16 Nov. 2017 for Group one  and from 19 – 23 Nov. 2017 for Group 2. 

Dar Alkhalaf Institute is the exclusive agent of The International Safety Training College  (ISTC) which has many experinced and well-known British instructors  who work in the field of Occupational  Health and Safety Training  in addition to fire services training. 

Course Contents :


Lieutenant Colonel Yousef Al Obaid, KFSD supervisor of Training and Study Leave, along with Mr. Abdulrahman Sultan Al Khalaf, Deputy General Manager of Dar Al Khalaf Institute , attended the opening of the training course to welcome the trainees, introduce the trainers and encourage the trainees to maximize the benefits of the training course. 

Some of the activities during the training course :

First Day:

Second Day:


Third Day:

Fourth Day:

Fifth Day: