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Incidents of Flammable Materials

 Handling Transport  Incidents of Flammable Materials

Target Group:

This course is designed for firefighters & Officers who wish to increase their skills and knowledge in the field of incidents involving the transportation of flammable materials.

Aim :

 The aim of the Course is to enable delegates to create an appropriate plan to deal with various transport incidents where there is a flammable material presence and which will allow them bring the incident to safe and effective conclusion.

Pre-requisites :

 Delegates attending  this training must have:

  • Proven experience in Fire & Rescue scenarios
  • A knowledge of Fire Behaviour/Development would be advantageous.

Course Duration:

 5 days ( Jan 7 – Jan 11, 2018 )

Course Content

  • UN Classification of Hazardous materials
  • Transport Systems
  • Hazards presented by flammable materials
  • Types of Incident
  • Hazards Present at Transport Incidents
  • Incident Command & Control
  • Range and Limits of flammability
  • Effects of Weather
  • conditions at Incidents


Continuous Assessment throughout course by Instructor And final written assessment

Instructor : John Hughes 

Technical translator : Nooerddine Abuhmeda

Some Photos from the course

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5