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Methods of food sampling

Dar Al-Khalaf Institute for Private  Training is one of the leading institutes specialized in holding training courses in the field of health and food safety, and with its great experience in the field of food, it was used by the Institute of Dar Al-Khalaf to hold the training course “Methods of drawing samples of food”, attended by trainees and workers as inspectors Food in Kuwait Municipality ..

Dr. Sultan Ahmed Al-Khalaf, Director General of Dar Al Khalaf Institute, was keen to be present with the trainees on the first day to give an opening speech to welcome the trainees and encourage them to benefit from their presence in the course to achieve the desired results which reflected positively on their level in performing their duties. The end of the word conciliation and the session is the beginning of a new start in their work for further development and advancement ..

And lectured d. Ismael Ahmed Ismail – PhD in Food Science and former Head of Food and Nutrition Sciences in Egypt

The course focused on the practical aspect, where practical training was carried out on the sampling of the food laboratory at the Ministry of Health, as well as an exercise in Souk Sharq

1- Practical training on sampling in the food laboratory at the Ministry of Health

2 – practical training in  Souk Sharq

At the conclusion of the course, Dr. Sultan Ahmed Al Khalaf handed over the certificates to the trainees who expressed their thanks and gratitude to the Institute for organizing the course in such an excellent manner, which helped them to benefit from the course.