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Safety training program in the use of power tools

Objective of the program:

The worker used for electric power  tools can be exposed to the following hazards:

  •  Falling objects, volatilization – irritants or spills.
  • Harmful dust – Vapors – Spray – Gases.
  • Damaged electrical wiring – poor connections.
  •     The greatest risk comes through misuse of manual and electrical equipment and lack of care for its maintenance. This program is designed to provide workers with the necessary skills to safely use this tools.

At the end of this course, the participants will be able to:

  • Identify all hazards that can be caused by the manual and electrical number
  •    Explain basic safety rules
  •   Identify and use the appropriate tools for each job.
  •  Protection from the dangers of using manual numbers.
  •  Check and store the manual and electrical number properly.
    For whom this program:
  •  Artisans and workers in the fields of manual and electrical use.
  • Maintenance personnel.

Inside the lecture hall

Distribution of certificates