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The Training program : personal protective tools

Objective of the program:

  • Educate and guide employees on the importance of using personal protection means.
  • The definition of personnel types of personal protective tools.
  • How to thoroughly clean and inspect personal protective devices to ensure their fitness for use. 

    At the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Identify all hazards in different workplaces.
  • Identify different types of personal protective equipment.
  • Conduct appropriate risk assessment.
  • Describe the type of personal protective equipment used to protect the feet, hands, eyes, face and head area.
  • Explain how to properly use earplugs and can protect against hearing loss.
  • Description of various personal protective equipment options for respiratory protection.
  •   What devices and systems of personal protective equipment to protect workers from falling.
  •  Awareness of the importance of cleaning and maintaining personal protective equipment.
  •  Understand appropriate means of using and storing personal protective equipment.

    For whom this program:
  •  Occupational hazardous occupations that require wearing personal protective gear
  •     Supervisors of workers.
  •      Engineers and site mangers
  •  Maintenance officers and supervisors.

Practical explanation

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Theoretical explanation

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Distribution of certificates

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