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Training Course (Methods of Examination of Meat Imports)

Meat is of great importance in human food but may pose a serious risk if it is not healthy or carrying some diseases. Therefore, it is important to have a strong and healthy control of meat and meat products, especially those imported, where the role of meat inspectors and veterinarians in the control of meat received.
The training course was organized by the Dar Al-Khalaf Institute for Private Training, which was attended by trainees from imported food inspectors and food inspectors. The course aimed to provide participants with expertise and knowledge in the field of import inspection. Meat and know the correct methods of health and technical examination of meat to determine the validity of human consumption as well as reference to some diseases that affect animals and appear in the meat and the provisions taken with such cases.

The course was taught by Dr. Sultan Ahmed Al Khalaf and Dr. Mohammed Abdul Rahman Al Fayez



Dr. Sultan Ahmed Al-Khalaf stressed the importance of practical training both inside the hall and through the field training day in the Hawalli slaughterhouse


The day of field training in the Hawali slaughterhouse was a successful day by all standards and the trainees benefited from their presence in the slaughterhouse and detailed practical explanation by Dr. Sultan and doctors responsible for the slaughterhouse



At the end of the training program, the trainees underwent a comprehensive test which was prepared to cover all the scientific subjects in order to determine the extent to which the trainees benefited from the training program. Then Dr. Sultan, the Director General of the Dar Al Khalaf Institute, handed the trainees the certificates of completion of the training program and concluded with the wishes of the trainees. Training helps them to improve the level of performance of their work.