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Quality and safety of flour and wheat

Opening of the course:

Dr. Sultan Alkhalaf  the director general of Dar Alkhalaf Institute for private Training had opened  the training course (the basics of quality and safety of flour and wheat), which was held during the period from 10 to 11 May 2016 in cooperation with the Kuwaiti flour mills and bakeries company and a well-known and prestigious in Britain and specialized laboratories in the field of grain examination, where the two experts in this field teaching materials of this session should be noted that this laboratory does a lot of tasks in Britain and outside it is one of the largest British institutions that conduct research and practical development of the food industry in Britain and abroad, and help  food industry research and consulting institutions that ensure product safety, quality and efficiency of the operation.

Objective of the training program:.

To give a general idea about the purpose of the quality of different wheat flour and safety tests conducted by the mills and bakeries to ensure the quality of their products.

Inside the lecture hall

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Distribution of certificates